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“I met with Suzanne Horton of Innervation Medical Massage for a period of about 6 weeks. I came in with some very specific muscular spasm issues, but had little idea how to combat them. Suzanne did an excellent job interviewing me in detail to understand when & how my symptoms would occur each time we met. We talked about what was working and what wasn’t. I felt she was definitely a partner in me resolving my issues. Her assessment skills are excellent. Her approach is effective. Her attitude is contagious. It’s always refreshing to spend time with someone who really enjoys what they do. She loves to gather information, assess the issues, and then put a treatment plan together to help a person recover. She is not apt to give up easily. Suzanne is very persistent in her pursuit to help the client get better!”
–Tom E.

"Suzanne's commitment to her client was evident minutes into my first appointment. She asked a series of questions, thoroughly examined my spine, as well as observed my movements throughout a series of tests, all before beginning any therapeutic work. Her knowledge of the body and its intricate inner workings is impressive. Her notes have allowed me to be better equipped when communicating with other medical professionals. Suzanne's patience and persistence are, to me, the hallmark of her practice. If she does not have the answers, she exhausts every resource in an attempt to find them, an effort that is sadly missing in many modern Western medical practices. It is quite evident that Suzanne's passion is helping people heal. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Suzanne Horton LMT and Innervation. Her services make a difference!"
-Keith K.

"I have gone to Suzanne for both neck pain and knee pain. I experienced relief for both conditions during my visits, but also beyond those visits. Suzanne is very good at offering exercises and stretches to do at home to maintain the results that she achieves during the session. I also appreciate that she always explains to me exactly what is going on with my muscles and tendons that are causing my issues - it gives me a better understanding of the treatment and of what I can do to help alleviate my pain. Thanks Suzanne!"

-Deirdre K.

"Suzanne Horton, LMT is both a beautifully educated and remarkably intuitive massage therapist, a balance which is rarely achieved. I have personally benefitted many, many times from her excellent care and I feel confident in referring my chiropractic patients to her as well. There are times when she has helped me to heal specific injuries with clinical focus like a laser beam and there are times when my needs have been for relaxation when she has stepped gracefully into that flow for me. I highly recommend her."

-Dr. B

​“I came to see Suzanne because of terrible jaw pain that I have had for almost 20 years.  Over the years I had tried various therapies with very little to no results.  I was pleasantly surprised to have so much relief after just my first visit.  I have been back a few more times and continue to improve with each visit.  I am amazed at the difference in my level of pain from before I saw Suzanne to now.  Thank you Suzanne, what you do is truly amazing!”
-Cynthia O.

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