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Q. Do you submit claims to medical insurance companies?

A. No. I do not submit claims to insurance companies because the majority of insurance companies do not cover medical massage. However, many flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts will reimburse for medical massage sessions if there is a physicians prescription. For clients who wish to submit claims for reimbursement I will prepare an itemized invoice of services, upon request, that the client may submit themselves.

Q. How frequently will I need to receive massage for it to be of benefit?

A. For most people coping with stress and tension,a good maintenance massage schedule is once a month. For clients who are seeking treatment to address specific pain and dysfunction, frequency will vary according to how their body responds to the treatment. Generally I have found in my work that an upfront investment in healing can help prevent further injury, as well as more expensive and invasive medical interventions down the road. 

   Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I need to get fully undressed for the massage?

A. No, you do not have to completely undress. There are many modalities where my clients remain completely clothed. Regardless of whether a client is clothed or not, the client is always draped in accordance with Ohio law. The client remains covered with sheets, blankets and/or towels throughout the massage treatment session. Undressing to one's own level of comfort is what I suggest. I am able to work through clothing, bathing suits, bike shorts, yoga pants and tank tops easily. Heavy fabrics such as thick sweaters and jeans do tend to lessen my ability to palpate soft tissue.

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